Castle Waiting

For English (school) we have started to look into grafic novels. I’ve Started reading Castle Waiting, a weirdish story about a castle that has been abandonned etc. etc. etc. and some people start rehabitting it etc etc etc….. and i still have to read the rest

BYE!!! 🙂


I read twilight the other day, and WOW! I loved it, I won’t give anything away, but I suggest you read it. I’m a bit annoyed that the film is quite different to the book, but It doesn’t matter anyway.

Please read this book!




Recently, I dicovered Twitter. It is like a blog but you write short things about what you are doing, the reason I mentioned it is because I found out that my blog page has thier logo and I thought it was kind of funny. lol!

Black Boy

My class and I started reading Black Boy. It’s an autobiography of Richard Wrightwho lived a stage after slavery. Richard was coloured and as a child he never understood why “White” man was beter than he was. Coinsidentaly Obama was elected yesterday as President, so I noticed that a big change had taken place since this book was first published (1945), and that now coloured people are treated as humans, NOT animals! I hope that I enjoy the book,


The Netherlands, Spain, England and the U.S.A.

If you were bothered to read my Intro you would know that I’m Spanish and English, You might be thinking What does that have to do with the U.S.A.? Well my answer is I lived in the U.S. for SIX years and I feel like it was a BIG part of my life! Now I live in Amsterdam (well not quite, but I’m not telling YOU were I live) and I have lodes of international friends, I’ve only lived here for a while but it’s a fantastic experiance!!

Anyway, if you were planning to come for a holiday in the Netherlands then I suggest that you go to Amsterdam, the coolest city EVER!!! It has great fun fairs odd shops and the best restauraunts in Holland!

Ginger Snaps

I started Ginger Snaps after finishing Scarlett! Ginger is a 13 year old girl and she is best friends with Shanon. Ginger tries really hard to blot out her past, when she was chubby and “ugly” but then an old friend starts ruining her friendship and she gets really confused. The book had a verry satissfying ending and it might be the book I choose for the task at the end of the month.


Scarlett is another girly book (OK I admit I am becoming a bit addicted to them). I read it two days ago (and I forgot to write it then) It was about a girl that’s parents divorced at a young age. She had gone to five different schools before her mother sent her to the Irish countryside to live with her dad.

Mates Dates and Great Escapes

Hello readers,

My latest read is mates dates and great esapes, I started it last night and finished it… last night. The book was alright if you like an easy read, but it was a bit odd how they dealed with problems in the book. I don’t think I’ll use this book for the project at the end of the month. If you like a teenager stories about love problems and Italy, this is just the book for you!

P.S. So Nadine, wht kind of books do you like reading?